Good listening and proper interaction with patient and families is the key to taking excellent care of the patients. I always tell my patients that if he or she is the captain of the ship, my job is to help with navigation. Specializing in Kidney and hypertension gives me the opportunity to do this and to have a helpful and long lasting relationship with my patients and families.

-Dr. Deepak Mitta

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Dr. Mittal has it all! He is an excellent clinician with an amazing bed side manner, patients love him. He always treat everyone with dignity and respect. The nursing staff love working with him.

Jessica C.

Dr. Mittal has been my physician for several years and he's always been very cordial and pleasant at every visit. His knowledge of his profession appears to be top notch. I am very satisfied to have him as my physician.


Dr. Mittal is very attentive, knowledgeable and answers all my questions about my health.

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I was having problems with regular dialysis. I was getting dizzy during dialysis and was not able to maintain my dry weight. Dr Mittal and the staff introduced me to NexStage machine for Home Hemodialysis. NxStage gives me a lot more freedom to do what I want, when I want, because I'm not tied up to a schedule in center. I'm happy that I am able to continue my life the way I am and be with my family. This would not be possible for me without proper training and supportive staff. Dr Mittal and the Fresenius staff have been wonderful and worked really hard to get me on the NexStage machine. I do not have problems with dizziness or fluid retention anymore. My cardiologist gave me a clean chit. I feel great. Thanks again to this wonderful group.

Rick K.
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Dr. Mittal and his staff are caring, competent, always available and are unhurried when I come in for an appointment. I was glad when I was referred to this office.

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I am very grateful for Dr. Rays quick diagnosis of the cause of my acute renal failure. His patient answers to my questions were most helpful.

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We are so thankful to have Dr. Mittal and his staff caring for my mothers medical needs. He and the good lord saved her life a couple of times. They are a truly caring group of medical people and I would highly recommend then for your medical needs.

Christy Skoog & Chris Stratto
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We would like to say thank you Dr. Mittal, for the wonderful care you have given my husband Larry. Under your excellent supervision he is doing well considering his health problems. We highly recommend Dr. Mittal and his expertise in nephrology.

Bobbit Watton
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I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease related to Polycystic disease and had to do In Center dialysis at Fresenius Unit in Florence Kentucky. While I was waiting for Transplant I got pregnant. I have history of severe hypertension and was on dialysis three times a week. My OB doctor and several other doctors I came across in the high risk pregnancy clinic asked me if I am sure I wanted to continue the pregnancy. I had to tell them that I am very committed to having this child and will do everything to save this child.

Dr Mittal worked with me through out the Pregnancy. My dialysis orders were changed. Even though my blood Pressure was controlled with several different medications, I had complications with Pre Eclampsia and severe hypertension. Dr Mittal admitted me in the hospital and helped with managing everything. I was getting dialysis almost everyday. I delivered a healthy baby girl !!!

My daughter is a miracle child. There were so many things that could have gone wrong but didn't. I really appreciate Dr Mittal and his team to help me through this.

I now have the Kidney transplant and back to my normal life. I love my daughter. I love everything about being a mom, even when I hear 'mommy' thousand times daily. I can not thank Dr Mittal and his team enough for giving me my life back.

Story of Fatim Ba
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